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Hope Alive Gets a Brand New Look
04 September, 2014

Hope Alive Gets a Brand New Look

BY / 4 September, 2014

Throughout the book of Acts, we see the apostles traveling from city to city and country to country.  Along the way, they encountered many different cultures, religions, and mindsets.  As the apostles followed the leading of the Holy Spirit, there were moments in which they had to creatively present the message of the Good News in order to speak the language of the locals.  One great example of this comes from Paul speaking to the courtroom crowd in the idol-saturated city of Athens (Acts 17:16-34).  Paul finds a way to establish common ground with his audience while presenting the unchanging gospel message.  The gospel stays the same, but the delivery gets adapted.

Ministry today is the same.  The core truths of the good news of salvation are eternal, but to reach a contemporary audience requires updated methods.

With this in mind, Hope Alive Initiatives has just re-tooled its website.  You’ll see a fresh new logo, a sleek redesigned layout, and easy access to the ministry content you’re seeking.  Now, users from all over the world can access information about the ministry of Hope Alive, and can connect to what God is doing in West Africa.  And, just to keep you coming back, we’ll keep an updated blog with current updates on how God is at work.

Here’s a quick rundown of what you can do on the Hope Alive wesbite:

  • Learn more about active ministry programs
  • Subscribe to the Hope Alive Initiatives/Bukachi family newsletter
  • Find out the latest news through our blog posts
  • Contact the Hope Alive staff
  • Discover prayer needs of the ministry in real time
  • Set up single or recurring financial donations to support Hope Alive Iniatives (coming soon)

Whether you’re curious about the ministry or you’re here on a mission, take a few moments to check out the site and get even more acquainted with Hope Alive Initiatives.  We’re glad to be accessible to you from anywhere on the planet!


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